The site includes a woodland area of Calabrian Pine (Pinus Calabrica),classified as the most ancient specimens found within the Sila. Within this protected area we find 56 old century pine specimens and 4 specimens of Mountain Maples (Acer pseudoplatanus). Dendrology studies have allowed to estimate the origins of these pines estimated around 1620-1650. Some specimens evidence the signs of interventions for the extraction of the resin, which in the past, was used for different purposes (production of pitch, torches, etc.).

In the schedules of Nature 2000, among the plant species of preservation interest, we only report the Calabrian Pine. From data of literature and from site inspections carried out in the site, despite the limitation of the area, there are some specimens of preservation concern. In particular, it includes a rich population of Limodorum brulloi (type of wild orchid), semi parasite endemic orchid of the Calabria mountains.

As for the lichen flora, it is detected a certain abundance of lichens that prefer atrophied substratum with natural or chemical fertilizers. In the location of Fallistro, due to the proximity of cultivated fields, it was observed on the barks of the big maple trees, many atrophied lichens: Physcia ascende, Physcia aipolia and the most common Xanthoria parietina.

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