According to the classification of De Martonne, the climate falls between cold and temperate, according to de Phillips, it varies with cool summers more or less droughty. According, to the classification of Rivaz-Martinez, the area can be compared to the temperate region and falls in the horizon line to be more cool. According to the phyto climatic classification of Pavari, the area is due to this change of climate, that goes from hot – cool due to the under zone Fagetum. Furthermore, the populations can be classified in the Fagus-Abies-Schmid.

The precipitations are, in average, still high even if there are evident variations from year to year, which is a typical feature of the Mediterranean climate. Rainfalls that exceed 100mm per month, are found from October to April inclusive, with rain, that after the summer, re-starts abundantly in September, while temperatures below 0°C can be found from September to May.

From December to March/April the precipitations are often snowy. The snowpack, in some years can reach and exceed two meters of thickness, remaining, especially in the cooler exposed areas, for a long period of time. Frost can be recorded from September to May.

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