National Park of Sila - FAI (Italian Environment Fund)

The Giants of Sila - Fallistro

Natural Biogenetic Guided Reserve

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Immerse yourself in the beauty of the lands that the Reserve holds. Immaculate landscapes, uncontaminated nature, autochthonous fauna! Run along our multimedia galleries and discover the wonders of the Silan Upland.

Photo Gallery

Sceneries and breathtaking details

Video Gallery

Moments of life in the mountain

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Informative Material


The Vegetation

The vegetation is formed of a pine forest of Pinus Nigra of Calabrica…

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The Flora

The site includes a wooded area of Pinus Calabrica with the most antiquated specimens of old centuries pines of the Sila…

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The Climate

The climate, according to the classification of De Martonne falls between the cold temperate climate…

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The Geology

From a geological point of view the area is characterized by the presence of “gneiss

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